Update from Lance

This letter was originally included in our Weekly Update email from 14th.

Lindsay and I spent the first part of this week up at Cascades Camp for their annual Pastor/Staff and Family Retreat. It was a wonderful time of renewal; to have some time to rest, play, and make new friends.  What was so wonderful about our time was the opportunity to share our upcoming journey with so many Covenanters and to make some lasting connections.

For those who weren't able to join us in worship last Sunday, Lindsay and I shared about the call God has put on us to do His work in Kenya as we partner with Kizimani as Covenant Missionaries. We hope to move over there this next March.

This is a huge faith leap for us, and we are excited to be sent by West Hills on this journey toward fulfilling God's call to do work in curriculum development for a relationships and life skills program for pre-teens, a healing arts program for high school students at New Dawn, and special education and music for Eldo-Jamii primary school. 

Our final Sunday as staff at West Hills will be January 8, after which we will take some time away to allow both the congregation and our family to live in the new reality that will be taking shape. However, we will be back at West Hills before we move to Kenya, to be officially sent all of you. 

If you're interested in supporting us financially, in prayer, or both please contact us at our Serve Globally email address, which is lance-lindsay.chamberlain@covchurch.org.  

We deeply love this worshipping community, and we are so grateful for the time that God called us to be in our staff roles. It's been quite a journey of transition, some pain, some joy, and lots of love.

And speaking of transitions, we are excited as Pastor Stephanie transitions back to preaching!  Join us this Sunday, October 16 for Pastor Stephanie's sermon, "What to Do When Your Pet's Heads Are Falling Off? Float."

Lance Chamberlain
Minister of Worship & Arts