Through Sunday school, confirmation, and community service, we attempt to demonstrate to our students what it means to be saved by grace and the implications of that promise.

Pairing that with our church's passion to understand who our neighbors are, as well as how to love them better, our goal is to equip our middle school students with the foundational tools to grow and thrive in their faith in Jesus. 

Often students go off to college after an amazing experience in middle and high school but equipped with little to no skills to continue to grow and thrive in their walk with Christ.

Through fun, games and hard questions our goal is to send our students out from high school and into college or the work force with a strong community of Christian friends as well as the capacity to speak the truth in love to others about their faith in Christ.


Sunday nights
Middle School from 6:00 - 7:30 pm
High School from 6:45 - 8:15 pm

Both middle and high school youth are welcome to come join us in The Basement, our youth room at West Hills, for a night of worship, games and fellowship together. The Basement is cleverly located in the basement.


Sundays from 9:15 - 10:15 am

Middle and high school students look at re:form tackling big questions about Christian faith.



Confirmation is for 6th-8th graders using the ECC’s “The Journey” Confirmation curriculum that spans the Old and New Testament, sacraments of the church, and theology. Each confirmation student will have an opportunity to develop spiritual practices to deepen their relationship with God, others, and character. Each student will be matched up with a spiritual mentor in the church to walk with them monthly during their confirmation experience.


For more information on our youth programs, contact Jerren Wadsworth at