Band & Vocals: Pastor Brian |
Biblical Justice: Heidi Cao |
Children: Pastor Lynette |
Coffee Hour: Jan Greenwald |
Communications: Beatrix Li |
Community Groups: Doug Wolfe
Confirmation: Pastor Stephanie & Mark |
Deacons: Claudia Kardos
Finance: Bill Gilmore
Greeters: Jill Scarbrough
Hospitality: Arlene Rich
Leadership: Mike Johnson
Lock & Unlock: Jim Steinkamp
Membership: Pastor Stephanie & Mark
Mutual Ministry: Dr. Lane DeWan
Newcomers: Pastor Stephanie & Lisa Nguyen
Prayer: Linda Hutchins
Property: Jay Dallas
Sacred Space: Kathie Gray
Safe Families Lead: Denise Brooks
Serve Local: Dale Kardos
Serve Global: Dr. Bob Wells
Special Services: Karen Lindseth
West Hills Talks: Rev. Wayne Smith
Youth: Pastor Jerren |


Ministry Teams:

  • empower laity to use their gifts and calling to live out God’s mission and purposes.

  • allow for more ministry and less administration.

  • meet as often as necessary to achieve their ministry goals.

  • recruit and train people for the particular ministry.

  • communicate with the leadership team regarding goals, progress, and budget.

  • may have the leadership team members to be an ex officio member of any ministry team.

  • are approved by the leadership team. 

Please prayerfully consider your ministry and fill out the application below.  

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